Vac-SPME Arrow

Part Number Name Pack size
20-201 Basic Kit Vac-SPME Arrow 10 closures with O-rings
20-202 Full Starter Kit Vac-SPME Arrow 10 closures with O-rings and 10 half-hole septa

The Vac-SPME Arrow closures are designed for use with the high capacity SPME Arrows. The closures offer gastight seal to 20 mm crimp top headspace vials with a long neck over a long period of time and during SPME Arrow operation.

The metallic body of the closures has magnetic properties to allow easy handling by the autosampler, without using additional magnetic caps.

Each closure has one aperture on the top that can tightly accommodate a plug septum (PN: 00-100) through which air-evacuation and SPME operations take place. The two external grooves on each closure are used to accommodate two types of black Viton O-rings used to seal the vial mouth and neck (PN: 00-001 and 00-002).

We recommend the basic kit (PN: 20-201) that contains 10 Vac-SPME Arrow closures and their O-rings or the full starter kit (PN: 20-202) that also includes 10 half-hole cylindrical septa (PN: 20-202).


  • Extraction times are typically halved when sampling under vacuum. The total analysis time is thus reduced, ensuring high sample throughput in analytical laboratories.
  • The use of elevated temperatures is not necessary to achieve high sensitivity. Sample degradation is therefore avoided, and energy consumption is minimized.
  • With vacuum sampling more semi-volatiles can be detected without affecting the extraction of volatiles.
  • Repeatability and sensitivity for semi-volatiles are improved.
  • Easy to use and implement in any routine laboratory.
  • The closures are reusable and can be easily handled by an autosampler. Their magnetic properties exclude the use of additional single-use magnetic caps, reducing thus, laboratory waste and costs.
  • The closures are also ideal for sample storage at atmospheric pressure without losing volatile analytes, for example, during long waiting times on an autosampler tray.